Dennis R. Wagner

Senior Vice President – Taxable Trading | Prairie Village, KS

Final-Dennis-WagnerDennis Wagner has assisted clients in cash management, trading and portfolio management of fixed income securities since 1977.  His prior experience included working as a state bank examiner and a cash manager for a utility company. He went on to manage the fixed income trading desk for Commerce Bank and served corporate customers with their investments.  Dennis joined Central States Capital Markets in 2006.

Dennis currently serves a diverse group of customers which include: corporations, municipalities, insurance companies, not-for-profit organizations and individual customers.  He assists customers in preparing their investment policies and implements investment strategies using a partnership approach to meet their specific cash-flow needs.  His conservative philosophy and product knowledge helps to diminish the risk in the investment portfolio.

Dennis received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of North Dakota.

4200 West 83rd Street
Suite 101
Prairie Village, Kansas 66208

Direct: (913) 766 – 5531
Fax: (913) 766 – 5860